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Updated: Feb 21, 2019

Fifteen-year-old Hailey from McMinnville, TN is once again battling a rare type of Brain Cancer called Glioblastoma Multiform.

Her original tumor was the size of a tennis ball and it was removed October 2011. May 2013 a new spot was found on her MRI. The spot is growing and Hailey is currently going through more chemo.

Hailey is a spunky athletic young lady who is not going to let this brain tumor get her down. She knew exactly what to wish for when asked, she quickly said “ I want to meet Jason Aldean”! She has all of his music on her phone and knows every song that he sings.

Hailey’s wish to meet Jason Aldean came true on July 19th. Hailey and a couple of her friends went to Cincinnati Ohio’s Great American Ballpark Stadium for a Jason Aldean/Miranda Lambert concert. 

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