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At only 2 ½ years old, this little fella typically wouldn’t meet our criteria but when we heard his story we just couldn’t turn his wish request down. 

Jacobo was originally diagnosed at 6 months old with Leukemia, he was in remission for 6 months, then relapsed and received a bone marrow transplant which his body rejected and now at 2 ½ years old his doctors have said the Leukemia is taking over his body faster than they can stop it. Jacobo’s wish is to go to Toys R Us to get some of his favorite toys, Cars.  He loves Lightening McQueen and he has a pail of toy cars from the movie Cars that he carries everywhere with him. He also would like to take trip to the Nashville Zoo, someplace that he’s never been.


Jacobo’s wish to go to the Nashville Zoo and to have a shopping at Toys R Us was granted.  On June 8, 2014, Jacobo, along with his family and friends, visited the Nashville Zoo where he was able to pet Anteaters, Elephant and Giraffe. Everyone had a wonderful time and even after spending the day at the zoo Jacobo didn’t want to leave his new animal friends.

His Toys R Us shopping spree took place on June 17th where he picked out lots of really cool toys along with a new toddler bed.  Toys R Us surprised him with their friend Geffrey the giraffe who was there to welcome Jacobo into their store.

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