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Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Eight-year-old Jenna from White House, TN was battling Osteosarcoma. She was initially diagnosed in June 2017 with Osteosarcoma in her right arm and shoulder. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor.

On March 2, 2018 Jenna had completed her chemo and went for her scans. At this time she was told that the chemo had stopped working and the cancer had now spread to her lungs.

Jenna's wish was for an Apple Mac book like her brother has, except for she wants hers to have a pink shell. Her mom said "she is so excited to make her brother jealous! She wants to one-up him and get the new wireless EarPods for her Mac.....crazy sibling rivalry never ends, even with cancer."

On June 26, 2018 we granted Jenna's wish. She received her new Apple Mac Book Pro with a super cool pink shell and TWO sets of EarPods, one for her and after a few minutes of teasing, she surprised her brother by letting him know that she had asked for a pair for him too.

Jenna was a huge Nashville Predators fan. Gnash was able to come out to met her and help make her wish day extra special. The photo of Jenna with her computer was from 11:00pm. Her mom said she was setting up all of her passwords and facetiming her bother.....who was in the next room! <3

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