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Zaiden wished for a Pokémon shopping spree.

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

This is Zaiden. Zaid was diagnosed at age 4 with Neuroblastoma. He never really went into remission but his condition remained stable for about a year. During that time he received chemo, a stem cell transplant, went to NY twice for tumor removal surgery and then radiation. After all of that, the cancer was still there.

The cancer wasn't growing so they did a trial of antibodies and chemo together, which cleared his bone marrow for once. He also received a trial of oral Accutane that lasted another year. Zaid was stable for a few months and then on 10/4/2016 his family learned that his cancer had began to grow again. He was given more radiation, more chemo, and then his little body had had enough, he couldn't receive anymore treatments.

Zaid went home on hospice and passed away Christmas Eve, 2016, at just 5-years-old.

Zaid loved Pokémon. It was such a joy to go Toys R Us shopping for him and to see his face when he received all of the toys he wanted. The post below is from his moms Facebook page the night we took him his toys. She said he was smiling and playing with Poke' balls at 12 am! Reading that melted my heart and that is why we grant second wishes!

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